Cora Luxe – Elegant Fashion Brand


This beautiful elegant fashion brand was created as a passion project. Luxury yet relaxed apparel
is something I use and wear regularly. Therefore I explored earthy colour tones and my love of
hang tags to create a brand I would love to actually exist. Scroll down to see my
Cora Luxe logo designs and branding.




About this project


Storytelling is always at the heart of brand creation, and this elegant fashion brand is no different. Despite this being a passion project, I knew I wanted the brand to be based in Cannes, in the French Riviera. The light fabric would be amazing in the beautiful french summers. France has a warm climate, as a result, these items have been designed to keep you cool wearing the light fabric. These are the types of outfits which can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion.

When creating a fashion brand from scratch it’s essential to do a lot of research around your competitors. It’s important to differentiate and see how your brand aligns, what makes you different? I came across a great blog that lists the best linen clothing brands which are breezy. You’ll be sure to find products you love. 

If you are starting out your own brand and you’re not sure where to start, see my blog ‘8 free stock image websites.’ This will be a great resource and a starting point to get you thinking about what imagery you want to use. Another option would be to work with a photographer to get bespoke imagery for your business. However you can just simply stick with stock imagery for the time being if a photographer isn’t in your budget.

I absolutely love exploring hang tag design and care labels. Don’t get me wrong – I love digital work but there is something about seeing your work as a physical object. If you have a project you’re working on and need some assistance with this please get in touch here.

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