New logo for Vancouver’s North Shore

The new logo for Vancouver’s North Shore was very needed! Despite living in Vancouver for almost 2 years I’ve never seen the previous Vancouver North Shore logo in action. I actually wasn’t even aware there was one. Vancouver based agency, Loki took on the challenge of the re-brand and it launched at the beginning of June 2020.

All Seasonal City

After experiencing all seasons on the west coast I can honestly say, it really is a four season tourist destination. The new logo is an honest representation of how relaxed and diverse the North shore can be. The typography not being aligned perfectly, some letters being larger than others is a great example of how adapting this area is to change. Particularly with the seasons, you just never really know what your getting. One minute it’s lovely sunshine and the next it could be hailing/snowing. Living life so near to the mountains you need to be ready for that.

With the likes of Grouse, Seymour and Cypress mountains all within an hours drive of downtown Vancouver, the North Shore is very much a hub for activities. No matter the season! The elevated typography reflects the various perspectives, keeping in mind the mountainous landscape and the indigenous carvings.

The Look & Feel

The vibrant and bold colours are a true reflection of the outdoor nature, regions heritage and roots. An earthy colour pallet is very much expected in an area like this. The colours chosen are incredibly fitting and work amazingly together!

It’s pretty standard that locals get yearly passes for the mountains and sometimes attractions, around the greater Vancouver area. I’m not sure if it’s the fact I’ve not grown up around mountains but the scenery really does blow you away all year round. The re-brand has done such an amazing job at portraying this. If I didn’t already live here seeing this would be a great asset and definitely encourage relocating!

Vancouver Re-brand's

I hope you enjoyed my overview of the new logo for Vancouver’s North Shore. When I spot any new logo or brands for Vancouver based companies happen, I will be sure to post about them as and when they do! I love showing the before and after’s and digging deeper behind the visuals of a project.

If you’re also a Graphic Designer and would love to live and work in Vancouver, check out my post about finding design work here.

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