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Graphic Designer
specialising in branding

I’m Chrissy, the designer behind Happen. From securing a dream internship in New York City, to conquering challenging peaks in Canada, I’m familiar with what it takes to make a dream happen. Happen Creative Studio was born out of this desire to help others make “it” happen, whatever your “it” may be. This has given me the opportunity to work with businesses internationally and collaborate on a wide range of exciting projects.

As someone with very little knowledge of design Chrissy’s guidance was invaluable and I was so happy with the results.

Get to know me

A few of my favourite things

A weekend exploring the sunshine coast

My design work is highly influenced by travel. Experiencing architecture, colours, patterns, and fashions around the world has changed my outlook as a creative. My travel blogs, featured in tourist board newsletters and festival live streams, aim to inform while inspiring travel with purpose and creativity.

My background is both print and digital, with client experience ranging from corporate hospitality, to fashion. I graduated from the University of Creative Arts in 2014, and then gained 5 years of experience with both agency and in-house design projects. I have found my passion is collaborating with business owners to provide art direction and branding that captures the essence of their company.

weekend exploring the sunshine coast
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